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Vitalize360 wellness program is showing incredible results

Personalized health program can help you successfully achieve your goals
Older adult exercising

While many retirement communities only provide regular exercise classes and fitness equipment, the Vitalize360 program at Orchard Cove goes further by providing individualized fitness programs for its residents. This groundbreaking approach—featured in a recent issue of the New York Times—takes the guesswork out of senior health and fitness and provides many benefits.

Assessments are based on health profiles collected from over 10,000 seniors in 20 states across the U.S. The data collected guides the team of specialists at Orchard Cove—including medical staff, nutritionists, and fitness professionals—to create a personalized wellness plan aimed at establishing positive lifestyle habits and goals. 

As Orchard Cove’s Vitality Coach, I provide residents with personalized coaching and follow-up to keep them on track. Vitalize360 is designed to provide proactive goals and support, and the results speak for themselves: 86% of Orchard Cove residents participate in the program, and most of them exercise more than twice a week. Our approach to lifetime wellness ensures that residents optimize their health while enjoying the journey to achieving their goals.

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Vitality 360 Coach

Susan Flashner-Fineman is Orchard Cove’s Vitality 360 Coach. She had been the Fitness Director at Orchard Cove for the past ten years. 

"As the Vitality 360 coach, my mission is to guide and inspire each and every resident to live their best life possible ....one of fulfillment and satisfaction. The Vitality 360 program takes a very proactive approach to lifetime wellness. I believe this approach empowers residents to really think about their lives and their legacy. Together residents and I engage in meaningful conversations about all aspects of life including health, nutrition,...

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