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Susan Flashner-Fineman

Vitality 360 Coach

Susan Flashner-Fineman is Orchard Cove’s Vitality 360 Coach. She had been the Fitness Director at Orchard Cove for the past ten years. 

"As the Vitality 360 coach, my mission is to guide and inspire each and every resident to live their best life possible ....one of fulfillment and satisfaction. The Vitality 360 program takes a very proactive approach to lifetime wellness. I believe this approach empowers residents to really think about their lives and their legacy. Together residents and I engage in meaningful conversations about all aspects of life including health, nutrition, fitness, and life-long learning. Residents are encouraged to be introspective as they speak about their life dreams, values and accomplishments and life's challenges. Each resident develops a personalized vitality plan which is designed to inspire positive lifestyle changes and improvements.The plan includes a Life goal, supporting goals and a realistic action plan. Vitality 360 also has an amazing team of Orchard Cove professionals including fitness staff, physician and nurses, member relations, activities director, and social worker. We work together to support residents on their journey towards achieving their goals!."

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