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Senior Rehabilitation Exercises

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center’s Circle of Fitness Program Wins Gold
Senior Rehabilitation Exercises

The number of programs my team provides for our patients in long-term chronic care is truly amazing. And while the number itself is impressive, it’s the quality and uniqueness of the programs that put us over the top.

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center prides itself on redefining the experience of aging. All programs are designed to allow patients to remain active and be part of a larger community.

At HRC we’re giving our patients choices when it comes to the senior fitness programs that help them stay healthy, active and engaged.

As manager of Outpatient Exercise and Wellness, I’m proud to be part of the Circle of Fitness program, which was recently awarded the 2014 Gold Award in the NuStep Pinnacle Award Competition. Over the past 15 years, NuStep has recognized the best of the best elite groups in two divisions; Senior Living and Senior Centers. They choose thought-leaders, trail blazers and innovators!

While we can’t turn back the clock, we can empower seniors to play an active role in their fitness program. And empower them, we do! Our team gives patients the space to work out at their own pace with one-on-one supervision. Many patients come to the exercise program two and three days per week with smiles on their faces.

When family members and prospective patients visit us for the first time and tour our exercise facility they’re pleasantly surprised. It’s not atypical to find three to six patients using the exercise equipment in the gym at any given time—all working hard to stay healthy.

Thank you NuStep for recognizing us for what we do.

About Long-Term Chonric Care Programs at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center 
Hebrew Rehabilitation Center is reinventing the long-term chronic care program so seniors can live their best lives. The basic tenet of care at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center is patient preferences come first. Our vision for long-term chronic care emphasizes the dignity, health and independence of seniors. Our innovative programming—along with a dedicated staff of Harvard Medical School-affiliated physicians, geriatric specialists, nurses and more—can be experienced in three communities in Massachusetts: Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Dedham at NewBridge on the Charles, and long-term care at Orchard Cove in Canton. We welcome older adults of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures.

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Project Director / Program Manager STEP-HI Study, Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research

Evelyn O’Neill is the Project Director / Program Manager STEP-HI Study at HSL's Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research. With a BS in Education and 30 years of long-term care experience working with frail elders, she has been working at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the last 25 years. She has been the lead interventionist on all of the landmark exercise trials carried out by Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh and colleges at HRC, including the NIH-funded multi-center exercise trials FICSIT, ROYBAL, and HEAL. She was part of the team that developed the Fit For Your Life...

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