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A Senior Living Wellness Program Designed for Every Resident

Watch the video below for insights into the success of our Vitalize 360 program
Orchard Cove residents participating in a fitness class onsite.

Eight years ago, we partnered with Kendal senior living communities to develop a holistic wellness program for residents at our Orchard Cove community in Canton, MA. Using the knowledge and expertise of Hebrew SeniorLife staff, including researchers at the Institute for Aging Research (IFAR), and our Harvard Medical School-affiliated physicians, the Vitalize 360 program was born.

Today, senior living sites nationwide have implemented the program in their communities, and the Boston Globe Magazine profiled residents at Orchard Cove, who spoke about how they benefit from this goal-oriented, individualized approach to wellness.

In the video below, Executive Director of Orchard Cove Aline Russotto and independent living residents talk about the positive impact the program has made in their lives and the community at large. 

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