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New England Baptist Hospital and Hebrew SeniorLife: A Partnership that Benefits Seniors

New England Baptist Hospital Partnership

On November 12, members of the senior leadership teams from New England Baptist Hospital and Hebrew SeniorLife gathered for HSL’s Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting provided an opportunity for the two teams, together with HSL’s Board and Trustees, to discuss the preferred provider agreement that was signed in July 2013 and highlight the many successes.

I had a chance to catch up with Dr. David A. Mattingly, Clinical Chair of Orthopedics and Surgeon in Chief at NEBH and Dr. Matthew Russell, Medical Director of the Rehabilitative Services Units at HSL’s Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. It’s clear that the partnership benefits those seniors who start out at NEBH and come to HSL for post-acute care—just as it was intended.

“New England Baptist Hospital sets the standard on providing high quality orthopedic care and the hospital requires that the organizations we partner with do the same,” stated Dr. Mattingly. “Hebrew SeniorLife has been able to provide our patients, particularly our seniors, with that level of quality care and service. It has been a great partnership for the Baptist and our patients.”

Dr. Mattingly expects the field of orthopedics to grow as the baby boomer generation ages. That’s because people are more active and plan to remain more active during their senior years, therefore they are more likely to seek out orthopedic procedures and surgeries that can reduce pain and increase mobility. He went on to say, “Today’s seniors have greater expectations for shorter recovery times and an increased desire to return to an active lifestyle sooner following surgery.”

Enter Hebrew SeniorLife, New England Baptist Hospital’s post-acute care provider.  

When arriving at HSL, the patient understands that his or her condition is such that returning home directly from NEBH is not advised. At HSL the patient receives a combination of skilled nursing, rehabilitation and medical care. Dr. Russell calls this “team-based, medicine-in-motion.”

“It’s our goal for the patient to return home to their prior level of function, and we always work with the patient and his or her family towards a care plan that maximizes dignity and safety,” continues Dr. Russell.

He stresses that patients and their families need to have all questions about their medical care and follow up plans answered before discharge. And the team works with the patient around any changes in their medical care. This includes teaching about new or different medications, diabetes education, and wound or ostomy care. And when a patient needs services in the home, the team makes sure that the patient is prepared for a smooth transition home.

Because care of the older patient requires a team of effective providers as well as accurate transmission of information among providers, the partnership between the Baptist and HSL is an important one for seniors. It’s the care you would want for your loved one; attentive, focused and never missing a beat. 

When providers talk about a “warm hand off,” I envision a partnership just like the one we share with the Baptist. Our team on the receiving end and the team from NEBH paying close attention; ensuring that their patients get the very best care and reach their full potential. After all, today’s senior is expecting nothing less.

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