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Mo Rocca Talks "Ravioli"

An interview with the humorist who will entertain at HSL’s EngAGE on October 28
Mo Rocca on "My Grandmother's Ravioli"

Mo Rocca travels the country to learn family recipes from grandparents for his Cooking Channel show My Grandmother’s Ravioli. While chopping vegetables and rolling dough, the grandparents share cooking tips and lessons they’ve learned about family, life, love, and community. I’m a huge fan of watching these seniors live a ReAge life – they’re redefining what it means to get older and continuing to learn, grow, laugh, and share in their later years.

We’re so excited to hear more from Mo Rocca and his signature dry humor at EngAGE, a fundraising event Hebrew SeniorLife is hosting on October 28. He’ll join celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman, ABC News journalist Dan Harris, best-selling author Mitch Albom, and HSL experts for a multi-media, multi-generational conversation on aging. We invite you to follow our EngAGE conversations through social media on the day of the event by searching on Twitter for #HSLEngAGE.  

To get a taste of what he’ll talk about at EngAGE, I asked Mo a few questions about his experiences filming My Grandmother’s Ravioli.

As part of the premise of your show, you’ve spent a lot of time with older adults. Can you share what you’ve learned from them – both food-related and not food-related?

Grandparents don't measure ... their ingredients or their words. They're fearless.

What surprises you most about the grandparents you spend time with while filming My Grandmother’s Ravioli?

They're not fazed by the camera at all. Conventional wisdom is that older people aren't media savvy. Perhaps that's true (and thank goodness) but that doesn't mean they're impressed or intimidated by a camera. Quite the contrary.

What’s one recipe you were most excited to make on your show?

Stuffed pig stomach. I always wanted to know what it would be like to go on Fear Factor.

What’s a common theme you’ve noticed as you go from house to house to cook with older adults?

Love is patient, Love is kind. A good thing, too, because more than a couple of these grandparents have been tempted to club me with a rolling pin. 

The theme of EngAGE is “Rethink Aging.” Has filming My Grandmother’s Ravioli made you rethink aging? How?

I'm looking forward to being 90. 

Mo Rocca is a humorist, journalist and actor who is best known for his off-beat news reports and satirical commentary. Currently a Correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning News, he’s also a panelist on NPR’s hit weekly quiz show Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and the host and creator of the Cooking Channel’s My Grandmother’s Ravioli, in which he learns to cook from grandmothers and grandfathers across the country.

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