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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Although we only get one month in the calendar year to highlight the importance of better hearing, I can assure you that your sense of hearing is important every single day of your life!

Without good hearing, we are often not connected to the sounds around us, whether it’s hearing our loved ones, hearing our doctors and nurses as they care for us in a stressful time, or hearing the sounds of springtime as it returns after a very long winter.

Are people in your world suggesting you might have hearing problems? Do you often feel left out of a group conversation? Is going to a restaurant or social event stressful for you because you just can’t follow the conversation easily?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, it’s time to get your hearing checked. Hearing easier makes life easier. Improving your hearing reduces a source of stress for you, and lessening stress results in better overall health. Hearing easier keeps your brain (where we really hear and process what our ears deliver) engaged, which is important to maintaining our connections to the world.

Untreated hearing loss is now linked to many health issues, including the incidence of dementia, and falls.

This spring, pledge to improve your hearing. Taking that small step just might result in a large step toward better overall health!

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Clinical Supervisor, Audiology at Hebrew SeniorLife

Audiologist Leesa Burke, MA, FAAA, is a Fellow in the American Academy of Audiology and a member of the Massachusetts Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Her special areas of interest include rehabilitative audiology, assistive listening devices and counseling for the hearing impaired and their families. Ms. Burke has been featured in the Boston Globe's Senior Set on hearing loss.

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