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Innovative Vitalize360 Wellness Program Infuses Orchard Cove Residents with Sense of Purpose and Expands to Community at Large

Orchard Cove resident Natalie Linden

While many may perceive senior living communities as places where older people go to put their feet up and watch the world go by, Hebrew SeniorLife believes that seniors have far more potential to accomplish exciting things in their later years. The residents of Hebrew SeniorLife communities are people who are learning, growing and achieving full, healthy and vibrant lives. One major reason for this is Vitalize360 TM, an award-winning, innovative, centered wellness coaching and assessment system that originated at Orchard Cove in 2003.

Vitalize360 is helping to redefine aging by shattering the image of seniors leading sedentary and complacent lives. In the past, wellness was traditionally viewed as being free of disease. Today wellness has less to do with being disease-free than it does how we live our lives. Vitalize360 helps residents accomplish their life goals by empowering them to take a proactive, preventive approach to living life to the fullest. 

The program engages, challenges and inspires Orchard Cove’s residents to lead meaningful, interesting and active lives by focusing on their personal goals and partnering with a Vitalize360 counselor to motivate and guide them. “Fear of fitness is one of our biggest challenges,” said Susan Flashner-Fineman, Senior Vitalize360 Coach at Orchard Cove. “But I see that the more people do, the more they realize they can do.” 

Vitalize360 begins with a scientifically grounded assessment that evaluates the physical, mental and social well-being of residents, developed by our Institute for Aging Research. A specially-trained interdisciplinary team, including doctors, nurses, nutritionists, social workers as well as behavioral and fitness professionals, who create a personalized wellness plan based on that information to help residents achieve their individual life goals.

The result is an engaged community with a culture that embraces well-being, person-centered care and services, quality and continuous learning. And that culture infuses Orchard Cove and its residents with a larger sense of purpose and involvement, in their own community and in the world at large. It also enables our communities to use data from a scientifically-grounded assessment system to track outcomes that demonstrate appreciable t improvement in successful aging. 

“Vitalize360 doesn’t just look at one part of a person – it looks at the whole person. It has helped me re-evaluate my life and embrace new opportunities. I’ve set several personal goals, including a little weight loss, better communication with family and volunteering,” said Orchard Cove resident Natalie Linden. “I’m well on my way to achieving all of them. At any age, people can still have new challenges and continue to be productive.”

Vitalize360 also increases the quality and depth of engagement between staff and residents of Orchard Cove. The result is a closely-knit community where the individuality of each resident is nurtured and flourishes. 

Vitalize360 is a joint venture between Hebrew SeniorLife and Kendal Communities. The success of Vitalize360 has been recently expanded to offer this coaching program to other HSL communities and a total of 27 senior communities across the country. 

Watch our video interview with Orchard Cove remarkable resident Natalie Linden.

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