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Healthy Hearing for the Happiest of Holidays

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Holidays bring to mind thoughts of family, friends, fun, food…and maybe, in the face of hearing loss, some stress knowing it will be hard to keep up with the conversations. Maybe, when Cousin Bob tells his latest joke, you laugh at the punch line. NOT because you heard it, but because everyone else is laughing. Maybe, when the group is reminiscing at the kitchen table, you sneak off into the other room where it’s quiet, and you don’t have to participate. After all, it can be stressful to listen and try to catch every word. Much easier if it’s just you and the TV.

Does this sound like you, or does it sound like someone you know and love?
Maybe it’s time to check your hearing. Maybe it’s time to get some hearing help, and join in on the conversations again.

Depending on your hearing loss, your needs, your capabilities, and of course, your finances, there IS hearing help out there! Today’s hearing aids and devices are NOT your father’s hearing aids. Digital technology has brought wonderful enhancements to today’s devices. Imagine, a small wireless lapel microphone, attached to your son during dinner. Now, HIS voice is being “streamed” into your hearing aids! Imagine him walking across the room, washing dishes in the sink, with his back turned to you, and you are STILL hearing his voice in your hearing aids. Now, that same microphone is plugged into the TV, which is 20 feet across the room. The football game is now “live” in your ears! And, when you get up to get a drink, you don’t have to miss the winning touchdown! The game announcer is with you in the kitchen.

Don’t miss out on the precious sounds of your loved ones. Give yourself, and them, the gift of easier communication in the face of hearing loss. And, Happy Holidays to all!

Learn more about the audiology clinic at Hebrew SeniorLife by clicking here.

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Clinical Supervisor, Audiology at Hebrew SeniorLife

Audiologist Leesa Burke, MA, FAAA, is a Fellow in the American Academy of Audiology and a member of the Massachusetts Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Her special areas of interest include rehabilitative audiology, assistive listening devices and counseling for the hearing impaired and their families. Ms. Burke has been featured in the Boston Globe's Senior Set on hearing loss.

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