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Hard to hear? Get checked!

Spring into Better Hearing with our expert’s advice
Hard to hear? Get checked!

Finally! Spring has arrived, and with it, the promise of warmer temperatures, longer days, and the renewal of all that winter has kept hidden for much too long. It is refreshing to see the daffodils coming to life again, the buds on the lilacs getting bigger each day, and to hear the peepers chirping at dusk each evening.

But…are you missing the sound of those peepers? Have you bluffed your way through a story your friend shared in that noisy restaurant last week, smiling and nodding, but not really able to follow the words clearly? Have you perhaps been hiding a hearing problem?

Hearing loss is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to almost all of us, but to differing degrees, and on our own, unknown timeline. How will you know if your hearing is adequate for your needs? If you’re missing things happening around you due to hearing loss, how will you know, if you missed it?

If you think your hearing has changed, you’re probably right. If you think no one has noticed, you’re probably wrong. People around you DO notice when you’re missing out on conversation.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “My hearing is normal for my age.” That’s an interesting way to think about it. However, it’s also ”normal” for overweight people to have high blood pressure. That doesn’t mean nothing should be done to help.

Hearing acuity does change with time and aging. There is a large body of research that finds an increased risk of dementia, cognitive decline, depression, physical health, and overall quality of life, in persons with untreated hearing loss.

Why wait? Get your hearing checked this spring and take the leap into better hearing! Whether it’s hearing your loved ones, your friends, or the sound of the spring peepers chirping, you should hear what you’re missing!

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Clinical Supervisor, Audiology at Hebrew SeniorLife

Audiologist Leesa Burke, MA, FAAA, is a Fellow in the American Academy of Audiology and a member of the Massachusetts Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Her special areas of interest include rehabilitative audiology, assistive listening devices and counseling for the hearing impaired and their families. Ms. Burke has been featured in the Boston Globe's Senior Set on hearing loss.

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