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The Growing Importance of Aging Research

Improving the lives of seniors through focused, applied research
The Importance of Aging Research

More than 70% of health care dollars in this country are spent on chronic conditions. Two out of three older Americans have multiple chronic conditions, and 95% of health care spending for older adults is attributed to chronic disease. As Baby Boomers live longer than the generations that came before them, research into conditions that are common in old age – like osteoporosis, fractures, falls, dementia, and delirium – is becoming more and more critical.

Hebrew SeniorLife’s Institute for Aging Research (IFAR) is a research organization that’s embedded in a leading provider of senior health care and communities. What does that mean? What do we mean when we say that aging is the new frontier? And how can we help seniors to stay healthy, active, productive, and independent? Watch this video from IFAR Director Dr. Lewis Lipsitz to find out, then visit IFAR’s new website to explore how our research is having an impact on standards of care for seniors.

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Terri Febo Robinson is Development Communications Manager at Hebrew SeniorLife, where she focuses on communications that help donors understand how their philanthropy has the power to redefine aging. Terri has committed her career to mission-driven organizations, with experience with communications, marketing, media relations, writing, digital communications, and direct response fundraising. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Boston University.

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