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Getting to know Bozhena Kogan


I sat down with Bozhena Kogan, the Director of Nursing at  Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston (HRC-Boston), to learn about her background and her future goals for care at HRC-Boston.

She came to the United States 27 years ago from Ukraine with her parents and young son. She graduated from Mass Bay Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and began working at HRC-Boston immediately after graduation. She began her career on 1 Berenson Allen, a floor with a large population of Russian-speaking patients and was there for a few years. Bozhena went back to school at University of Massachusetts- Boston and earned her Bachelor’s Degree and was promoted to Nurse Manager. She is now the Director of Nursing for all of long-term chronic care at HRC-Boston and also oversees the life enhancement team.

“I’m so proud to be working at Hebrew SeniorLife and that I came to Boston 27 years ago,” said Bozhena “I’ve been given such amazing opportunities at Hebrew SeniorLife and have developed a special connection to everyone I’ve worked with.” Bozhena says her relationship, particularly with Russian-speaking patients, is very special. “I am bilingual and because of that, I like to advocate for Russian-speaking patients,” she said. “I am able to explain to their families what is happening and there are many differences between Russia and the United States, in terms of health care.” Hebrew SeniorLife serves many Russian-speaking seniors through our Russian Language Program, which creates a unique environment conducive to the intellectual, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of our Russian-speaking patients.

Bozhena continues to be impressed by the work everyone at Hebrew SeniorLife does every day. “This is a wonderful organization and we are like a family,” said Kogan. “We do excellent work and support each other. There are so many great opportunities for professional growth and development within HSL and I’m so thankful for that.”

Bozhena praises the incredible team of nurses throughout HRC-Boston and strives as a director of nursing to provide the best care. “I think it’s very important to continue to providing patients with a person centric approach,” said Kogan. “We nurses need to be asking patients what they want, what they need, and giving them the care they deserve.”


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