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Fund for Hospice Care at HSL Continues Legacy of “Loving Kindness”

The Chesed Fund will honor the work of Rabbi Herman J. Blumberg by providing end-of-life care through HSL Hospice Care. Here, Rabbi Blumberg is pictured with HSL Spiritual Care Director Rabbi Sara Paasche-Orlow at an event to recognize his retirement.

During his time as a chaplain at Hebrew SeniorLife and Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, Rabbi Herman J. Blumberg was known for his wisdom, kindness, and overwhelming compassion.

Rabbi Blumberg’s “passion project” was to establish a hospice service at HSL. He strongly believed that seniors in the local Jewish community, in particular, deserved better end-of-life care and that HSL was the perfect organization to provide that care. Thanks in no small part to Rabbi Blumberg’s commitment, HSL Hospice Care launched in 2013. He served as Rabbinic Director from the program’s inception to his retirement in 2015.

Rabbi Blumberg touched many lives during his tenure at HSL. To honor his years of dedicated service to the Boston-area Jewish community, and to seniors at the end of life in particular, HSL recently established the Rabbi Herman J. Blumberg Chesed Fund.

HSL Hospice Care is informed by Jewish spiritual tradition and rooted in universally held values like “loving kindness,” or chesed. Fittingly, this fund continues Rabbi Blumberg's dream of instilling loving kindness into hospice care for seniors facing the end of life.

“The hospice team takes great pride in applying the values from our tradition to the care of all who seek HSL's service, regardless of religious identity,” notes Rabbi Blumberg. “Our core values are shared by many faith traditions and spiritual belief systems, and hospice staff strive to honor them.”

HSL Hospice Care springs from HSL’s century of service to the Boston Jewish community, as well as to seniors from all of Boston’s diverse neighborhoods and cultural backgrounds.

The Fund will be used to meet several important Hospice needs:

  • Providing care that is in line with Jewish teaching but not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance
  • Covering personal needs for families facing financial difficulties
  • Conducting outreach to the Jewish community about compassionate end-of-life care

Leadership gifts by Nancy Simches, Rabbi Suzanne and Andrew Offit, and Beth and Larry Greenberg helped launch the Chesed Fund. Continued philanthropy from the community will sustain the Chesed Fund and Rabbi Blumberg’s legacy of “loving kindness.”

“When we learned HSL was starting a fund to continue Rabbi Blumberg’s hospice work, we were privileged to lend our support,” the Greenbergs explain. “The fund will help hospice patients and families experience the dignity, warmth and chesed that are the hallmarks of Rabbi Blumberg’s pastoral legacy.”

If you would like to bring healing and comfort to seniors and families reached by HSL Hospice Care, you can make a donation to honor Rabbi Blumberg’s legacy.

About Hospice Care at Hebrew SeniorLife
The hospice care offered at Hebrew SeniorLife as part of our continuum of health care services is aimed at easing patients’ pain and supporting their families at end of life. A leading provider of Jewish hospice services in the Boston area, we are known for delivering the highest quality of care, focusing on a commitment to community, and offering innovative end-of-life educational programming. We welcome patients and their families of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures, supporting them through the challenging weeks and months of terminal illness and remaining close by as families and friends begin to heal after loss.

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