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Discussing Brain Stimulation to Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Dr. Manor with a patient

When you think about how to prevent falls, strength exercises or adaptive shoes may come to mind. There’s another fall prevention method that we are coming to learn more about through work at Hebrew SeniorLife’s Institute for Aging Research (IFAR). IFAR researchers, under the leadership of scientist Brad Manor, Ph.D., director of the Mobility and Brain Function Lab, have uncovered a mind-body connection related to fall prevention by improving balance with non-invasive brain stimulation techniques. Watch Dr. Manor describe this correlation in the video below.  

The Institute for Aging Research is at the forefront of global geriatric research. Explore the IFAR website to learn about our researchers, their disciplines, and their work. 

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I am very much interested in this subject matter. I have older sisters & brothers who have experienced several falls in the past few years! I currently perform balance-type exercises to improve my balance prescribed by my physical therapist.
What specifically are they recommending?
I am very interested
Interesting since my husband has Parkinsons disease

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