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Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

How HSL’s ReAge Concept Strengthens Community & Encourages Vibrant, Healthy Lives
Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

At Hebrew SeniorLife, the word ReAge expresses our commitment to redefining the aging experience and represents our mission to improve the quality of life for all seniors as they age.  It means that we promote the independence of seniors and encourage their goals at all stages of life.  But how does that translate into the daily life of the residents who live in a Hebrew SeniorLife continuing care retirement community?  And what does it mean to be a ReAge community?

Our innovative senior communities reimagine retirement for our residents so that they can pursue their goals and live the healthiest life possible as they age.  Our communities provide not only beautiful homes in vibrant environments but also provide access to a full spectrum of support and services that ensure continuity of health care, encourage disease and injury prevention and emphasize wellness. 

Through our affiliation with Harvard Medical School and specialization in geriatric medicine, we offer an outstanding array of senior health care and rehabilitation options.  Our clinicians are reengineering the health care experience for seniors, setting standards of care being applied across the nation.  

Our senior communities abound every day with a myriad of opportunities to expand the mind and explore new horizons.  They hum with activity and purpose. Yet for Hebrew SeniorLife, being a ReAge community means always looking forward to the improvements and enhancements we can bring to seniors lives tomorrow and in the years to come.  

We are guided by our visionary research to redefine the ways we can prevent, treat and cure diseases and syndromes of all seniors.  And we are busy teaching the next generation of geriatricians who will have the unique set of skills and knowledge required to better treat the seniors in our communities and around the world for years to come. 

Vibrant communities. Innovative health care.  Visionary research.  Important teaching. With everything we do at Hebrew SeniorLife, we’re constantly resetting the standards for the quality of life, health and wellness of the seniors who call us home. 

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Choosing right senior living community is surely a difficult task as one need to look upon various factors such as safety, security, quality of meal being offered, exercise programs, quality of staff etc. While I was searching for an assisted living community for my father aged 68 for few months due to my official travel, I mainly focused on the quality of staff and apartments they provided for staying. In California I went to choose Prestige Care Inc. as they had reasonable and quality service.
Thanks for sharing your story with us, Jake. We're glad you found a suitable place for your father.

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