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A bird’s eye view of senior living
Aerial senior living tour

When I first came to work at NewBridge on the Charles, it was a construction site, evolving every day. I just couldn’t imagine how we would meet the challenges of creating a state-of-the-art senior living option as I walked through the unfinished buildings in a hard hat.

As the buildings progressed and the grounds took shape, NewBridge slowly and definitively came to be—the brick and mortar buildings, the original artwork, the gardens and lush landscaping and the winding walking trails along the Charles River. I was fortunate to take a helicoptor flight to capture NewBridge from a bird’s eye view—which gave me a unique perspective on our preeminent senior living option.

From this aerial view, I imagined how prospective residents could truly get a feel for all our community has to offer—the expansiveness of the land and how the buildings are nestled within so much nature.  

On the ground, one easily gets a sense of how roomy the campus is. With a school and several different styles of independent living, the community at NewBridge feels spread out but still maintains a cozy, welcoming feel. From the unique vantage point of a helicopter however, NewBridge is breathtaking…beautiful red brick buildings in the middle of a green and gold meadow, surrounded by dense, green forests and glassy bodies of water.

When future residents come to NewBridge, it’s easy to see and feel their excitement as they explore the grounds. NewBridge is a home whose personality is shaped as much by the land as by the people who reside here. With such a lovely and expansive space to explore, I think our aerial tour perfectly captures the feeling of possibility that is so important here. At NewBridge, there’s nothing holding our residents back.


View the aerial tour of NewBridge on the Charles

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Lisa Lee has been part of the NewBridge on the Charles marketing team since 2008 and the Orchard Cove marketing team since 2010. In addition to general marketing activities including presentations, website updates and event planning, Lisa develops and maintains all reporting and statistical analysis for the NewBridge and Orchard Cove teams. Prior to HSL, Lisa was the marketing director for an IT services company. Connect with Lisa on NewBridge Facebook page.

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Watching the aerial tours years later still gives me goosebumps! You can see both the cottage focused aerial and the full campus aerial tours here: http://www.hebrewseniorlife.org/newbridge-aerial-tours

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