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Adult Day Care Activities

Adult day health programs improve quality of life for seniors
Adult Day Care Activities

At our adult day health programs, older adults socialize with their peers while participating in a wide variety of activities. And if nursing care is needed, it’s readily available.

Think of the alternatives. 

For many seniors it might be eight or more hours of isolation.  That’s because families have work and other commitments that force them to leave their loved one at home. A phone call every now and then doesn’t allow for much interaction. And what happens if the senior forgets to take his medications? Or leaves the stove on?

Adult day care programs are not new. Some have been around for twenty years, like the one at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. It’s time we rethink adult day health programs and learn what they have to offer.

For the senior, it’s a safe place. And carefully supervised programs allow the senior to flourish. They spend the day with their peers and get to build a community.  One they can call their own. Nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and snack time are provided.  And the program size is big enough for making new friends but small enough for individual attention. The staff is the kind you want caring for your loved one.  Staff devoted to their seniors.  Warm and friendly staff who love working with seniors. Only they don’t see it as work.

For the family caregiver, adult day health programs make it easy to take care of the other things in life. Sure, adult day health programs provide peace of mind. But did you know that our flexible schedule allows you to choose which days your loved one attends? An onsite registered nurse provides nursing care. And medications are given on time. Our day program is structured to seamlessly provide help where needed including access to HRC expert rehabilitative therapies. Your mom can get to her physical therapy appointment without you having to take an extended lunch break. 

Both you and your loved one are in good hands. 

I remember what one participant’s spouse told me recently: “It gives me peace of mind knowing my husband is in a safe environment and the people care about him. This is his community, but it benefits both of us.”

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