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5 Questions for a Long-Term Chronic Care Hospital Visit

If you’re planning to visit long-term chronic care with or for a loved one, here’s what our experts say you should ask
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Visiting a long-term chronic care hospital is always a good idea. Daily activities and group programming are some of the first things family members ask about when exploring long-term chronic care at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston or Dedham, MA. They want to know how their loved one will spend his or her days. On tours, visitors can explore the amenities available and witness seniors and staff engage. They can join patients taking part in group activities, including exercise programs, creative arts, expressive therapies, and discussion groups. In nice weather, concerts and cookouts provide opportunities to spend time outdoors, and the grounds offer quiet spaces for families to gather.  

Family members tell us they appreciate all of the activities that are available for their loved ones. They enjoy seeing people engaged with one another and it gives them comfort knowing their loved one’s days are filled with meaningful activities. Having the opportunity to visit and ask questions of long-term chronic care staff can be the difference between thinking of a long-term chronic care facility as a hospital or a home.

In addition to inquiring about activities and programming, what else should you ask when exploring care options for a loved one?

If you’re looking at long-term chronic care, you may want to consider asking the following questions—you won’t have to look far for the answers as they apply to Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, we’ve included those, too!   

1.     Are there professional staff, including RNs, to care for my mother?

Our staff includes geriatricians, RNs, patient care associates (certified nursing assistants), nurse practitioners, and others. Many of our physicians hold faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and are involved in advancing geriatric medicine through teaching and research. Care is tailored to the individual needs of each patient and our staff understand how to treat patients with complex medical conditions. You will have many opportunities to meet the staff members who are directly involved in providing care for your loved one.

2.     Are there regular planning meetings and can family members attend?

HRC is built around the concept of patient- and family-directed care. You and your loved one are involved in all major care decisions. We encourage you to know who is providing care for your loved one, and to understand their treatment plan. If there are things that you do not understand, we welcome questions.

3.     Is there a dietitian on staff?

Food is an essential part of everyone’s daily life. At HRC, we have a culinary team that provides nutritional services to all patients, and offers a kosher-only menu on our Boston campus. Kosher meals are available on request at HRC in Dedham.

4.     Do you offer religious or spiritual support and services?

Spiritual Care at HRC is dedicated to helping enrich the lives of all our patients and their families, and support people during good and bad times. This might mean working together to make each day meaningful, drawing spiritual strength from identifying and expressing deeply held values, facing fears and sadness about aging and loss, or simply enjoying companionship. We encourage all patients and family members to introduce themselves to the chaplain assigned to their floor.

5.     What kind of exercise programs do you offer?

HRC offers a variety of exercise programs for seniors. Backed by research, our exercise programs allow seniors to achieve goals that foster independence and help them live vibrant lives. Our staff is highly trained and experienced and make a commitment to enriching the lives of the seniors in our care.

When you visit a long-term chronic care hospital, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and observe the following:

  • Is the facility clean and neat?
  • Were staff members friendly and courteous?
  • When you talk with current patients and family members, do they seem happy?

Remember, you are in the driver’s seat. At HRC, we look to visitors and prospective patients to tell us what matters to them and ask their important questions. We are here to help you make the best possible choice for your loved one and provide transparent information and an accurate look at life at HRC.  

Ready to schedule a tour with us? Contact our Admissions Team at 877-822-4722.

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