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Sharing new thoughts on aging.

Why did we create this blog?

As part of our mission to redefine the experience of aging, Hebrew SeniorLife is using this blog—and other social media outlets—to transform the conversation about aging in America.

By harnessing the power of you, the people, we want to change perceptions, improve lives and empower seniors and the people who love and care for them.

At Hebrew SeniorLife, we have never accepted the status quo.  We were the first senior care organization in the country to have a fulltime medical staff, the first with a research institute, the first with a Harvard Medical School affiliation, and the first with a multigenerational campus. We’re looking at aging differently, not repeating what others have done, but imagining what else is possible.

Now, we want to give you a platform to discuss and share the experience of aging, as well as redefine what it means today.

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