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The Vibrant Communities of ReAge

The senior years can be the best years of an individual’s life. I see evidence of this truth every day in our senior housing communities. It’s all about embracing what is still possible from forging new relationships, to learning new skills, to simply enjoying interests that may have taken a back burner earlier in life. In my role as executive director at Orchard Cove, I support our residents to renew, reinvent and rediscover their interests while living a life reflective of an engaging and healthy lifestyle. It’s important at any stage to set, and plan a course to achieving one’s goals.

To me, ReAge represents a whole new phase of living. The ReAge movement is about finding to support seniors so they can live the very best life. I believe Hebrew SeniorLife communities embody the ReAge philosophy. We are a learning community that’s centered on the personal and intellectual growth made possible through our diverse programs, events and activity opportunities.

Learn more about how ReAge is lived at Hebrew SeniorLife communities. 

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Executive Director, Orchard Cove

Aline Russotto is an executive director of Orchard Cove, where she oversees the administration and operations of HSL’s award-winning continuing care retirement community in Canton. She has served in a variety of capacities at Orchard Cove for the past 12 years, most recently as associate executive director. She also led the creation of the successful Vitality 360 program through which residents make lifestyle changes that lead not only to improved health, but a richer quality of life.

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