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Study shows that social activity contributes to a long, healthy life

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staying active
staying active

Stay connected-and we don’t just mean online! Research has shown that maintaining social engagement with people contributes to longer and healthier lives. A study conducted by Hebrew SeniorLife’s Institute for Aging Research showed survival rates among socially active long-term care residents were greater than they were for those who were not.

You can build your social network of friends and family by setting a goal of getting out of the house regularly.

Here are a few ideas I share with seniors about how they can make that happen:

• Join civic, social or other organizations.

• Get friends together and form a walking club or find one to join at a local mall.

• Visit your community’s senior center or council on aging.

• Join a multigenerational program in your community that works with local schools.

• Attend church or temple services and connect with other worshippers.

• Don’t forget to utilize senior transportation services available in your community.

• Volunteer your time to an organization you feel passionately about.

No matter how you seek out connections, the social ties you establish and nurture will have a lasting impact on your emotional and physical health now and down the road.

Tell us: how do you stay connected with family and friends?

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Life Enhancement Leader at the Gloria Adelson Field Health Center

Julie Wade has been an employee with HSL for over 17 years in Roslindale as both Sr. Recreation Therapist and Clinical Supervisor of the Recreation Therapy Department.  Julie is committed to providing meaningful leisure, educational and cultural programs to our residents and was actively involved with the development of the new campus.

Julie has received her BS in Health and Physical Education and has had additional graduate work in Therapeutic Recreation.  Julie is a National Certified Activity Consultant, and has received the State award for Activity Director of the Year.


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