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Stroke Support Group at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Now Offered to Greater Boston Community

Support groups for stroke survivors and their families are safe spaces to share experiences
Stroke Support Group at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center (HRC) offers stroke support groups in Dedham and Boston. Patients recovering from a stroke and preparing for discharge from one of our post acute care units or from one of our partner hospitals, like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, are encouraged to get involved.

Social workers and other health care professionals facilitate group discussions and support patients by allowing them to share as much as they are comfortable sharing. Coming together in an atmosphere of caring and support, stroke survivors, their family caregivers and loved-ones forge a new sense of community. New goals and friendships are started, renewing hope and encouraging independence.

By sharing similar problems, survivors learn to live with the changes. Stroke support groups offer survivors and their caregivers chances to share concerns and support each other. Patients describe the group as a safe place to be with others who have been in similar situations. For caregivers, the groups prove to be an additional means of support. Many say they learn valuable lessons and are free to discuss challenges that only someone in a similar situation could relate to. 

Social workers who facilitate stroke support groups often tell their patients that it is one of the most valuable tools. “The sooner one can become involved, the better,” says Jennifer Parsons, social worker at HRC.

“One of the greatest benefits of attending a support group is it keeps individuals from becoming isolated. At HRC, we’re making sure that stroke survivors and their close family members have options when it comes to support groups.”

HRC is making its stroke support groups available to individuals from Greater Boston and neighboring communities. While a number of hospitals offer stroke support groups, schedules are not always convenient for patients once they are discharged from the hospital. People often look for groups that are close to their home.

 “I encourage those who are interested in attending one of our stroke support groups to call me ahead of time. If there’s anything I can do to ease the transition, I’m happy to help. Sometimes just speaking ahead of time will make a person feel better about attending. When they show up, we are not strangers,” says Parsons.

Whether you are a stroke survivor or caregiver, support groups provide a forum for learning, listening and socializing with others. The warmth, acceptance and emotional support that a stroke support group offers can often be the key to uncovering the hidden strengths in many survivors.

For more information on how you can attend, please call Jennifer Parsons at 617-363-8694. Below is a list of the upcoming dates offered at our two sites.

HRC Boston

  • September 15, 4 to 5 pm
  • October 20, 4 to 5 pm

HRC Dedham (on the NewBridge on the Charles campus)

  • September 13, 3 to 4 pm
  • October18, 3 to 4 pm
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Thank you for all your materials. I am on my way to visit my mother Anna Sigalovsky on 1-East; she turned 101 on 9/6/16. All her offspring alternates visiting her throughout the year. I am wondering how many centenarians reside there at HRCA? Thank you for taking such good care of my mother. Sincerely, Irene Medovoy.
Hi Ms. Medovoy, happy 101st birthday to your mother! We remember well the video from her 100th birthday celebration with your family at HRC last year. We wish her another beautiful and happy year! To answer your question, we have approximately 20 centenarians residing at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. We are glad to count your mother among them. Enjoy your visit! --Erica, Hebrew SeniorLife blog team

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