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Staying Boston Strong

Hebrew SeniorLife employee reacts to Boston Marathon events
Boston Strong

As part of the team that supports the Hebrew SeniorLife digital media, I am constantly on twitter. I am a member of the generation that has come to expect instant gratification and continuous information. I pass a gentleman every morning that goes to the front desk to buy his morning paper, and I wiz by on my iphone reading the latest tweets.

On Monday, April 15th, I glanced at twitter when I saw reports coming up about explosions at the Marathon. I broke the news to my office, “something bad is happening.” I said “you know how twitter is, but they say there have been explosions at the Boston Marathon.” From that point on I was glued to my computer screen relaying information to the team and following the updates.

We solemnly sat at our desks, waiting for more information, wondering what would happen, sending prayers to those who were injured.

I often find a common response to someone who doesn’t utilize social media may be that they don’t have time for it, but social media is an amazing tool. Tweets and Facebook status updates spread, people were allowed to say, “I’m safe.” Nurses were able to prep rooms, and videos were able to be exchanged to identify the terrorists.  Boston was able to unify and show solidarity, establish funds to support our brothers and sisters who were affected by this tragedy. Social media became an outlet for us to share photos, inspire grace in each other, and offer help.

I am proud to be a Bostonian, to work for an organization that supports my endeavors and supports each other. HR is collecting donations for the onefundboston.org across all campuses and employees have established fundraisers to support the victims. Sending positive thoughts, to all those on their road to recovery as we bind together to heal. Together we are #BostonStrong.

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