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Seniors and Artistic Expression

Tara Fleming Caruso, MA, LMHC's picture
Senior painting
senior painting

@SueGuest asked a great question on Twitter yesterday in response to our blog post about our upcoming professional conference, ARTZ and Dementia: Innovation, Inclusion & Creative Expression.

Sue said: "I'm a big believer in the arts as a great way of expression for all ages, what do your seniors love doing the most?"

Here is my long version answer:

Sue, great question!  Our work is very “resident centered” so we want to offer modalities that inspire and support each individual’s needs.  At NewBridge, our memory support programming team is comprised of many expressive arts therapists.  Several focus primarily on music.  Their work seems to be the most universal and enjoyed by almost all of our residents.  You might come across a group of elders drumming, improvising with different instruments, song writing, etc.  The director of our program team is an art therapist.  Her work is also popular, whether she is leading a painting workshop, collage making group or sculpture class. We also do expressive movement programs and writing groups.  Whatever the modality, all of our work revolves around the process of the experience and not the product, and  the meaning it has for each person involved. 

Thanks for asking!  

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Admissions Counselor and Marketing Manager for Assisted Living at NewBridge on the Charles

A licensed mental health counselor, Tara Fleming-Caruso has been helping elders and families explore assisted living and other senior care options for almost 20 years. As the admissions Counselor and Marketing Manager for Assisted Living at NewBridge on the Charles, Tara understands the myriad of concerns seniors and their adult children have about the aging process and navigating transitions. With a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapies, Tara’s expertise spans dementia care, program development, family mediation and caregiver support.

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Hi Tara, this all sounds so

Hi Tara, this all sounds so wonderful and I love the way the arts - in all aspects - can inspire people of all ages. I currently volunteer with my local gallery who have introduced art classes into a Senior Living home particularly for those with dementia. It's lovely to see the residents enjoying the classes and bonding with each other. Art is an amazing way to inspire and unite! Sue

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