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Revolutionizing and Redefining Aging at Hebrew SeniorLife


You may have noticed that we’ve been using a new word at Hebrew SeniorLife to refer to our unique efforts to transform aging. That word is ReAge. ReAge is a combination of the words “redefining” and “aging.” It represents our commitment to “question everything about the aging process by challenging conventions to create a new standard-of-care approach that will positively impact the lives of older adults.”

Our commitment to ReAge extends to all pillars of service at Hebrew SeniorLife—health care, communities, research and teaching. We are redefining how aging looks and feels and tackling important issues such as how we treat, understand and prevent common health issues that stem from aging.

As the Director of Marketing for our CCRC communities, including NewBridge on the Charles and Orchard Cove, our communities hold a special place in my heart when it comes to rethinking and revolutionizing aging through ReAge.

At Orchard Cove and NewBridge on the Charles, ReAge means a fresh and vibrant approach to life. We believe that a retirement community is a place to rediscover old friends, renew your intellectual and artistic interests, refresh your zest for life through our wellness and fitness programs and relax in a warm, welcoming environment.

We are striving to meet the changing needs and desires of today’s seniors—through programs like Vitality 360 SM, designed to reenergize your mind and body, and community-wide changes such as our remarkable new approach to dining and healthy eating at NewBridge on the Charles.

Our community commitment to ReAge creates a stimulating intellectual and social environment. Each month, there are over 200 programs, trips and activities offered to our residents, ranging from a lecture by a renowned university professor, to an art class in mosaics, to a trip to the Tanglewood Music Festival, to courses to help residents understand and use the latest in technological gadgetry.

In the independent living communities of Hebrew SeniorLife, we're not only looking at aging differently— we’re reimagining what’s possible. We’re rethinking, researching, and reshaping the retirement experience.

Stay tuned to future blog posts to learn more about what ReAge is all about!



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Corporate Director of CCRC Marketing at Hebrew SeniorLife

Ruth Stark is the Corporate Director of CCRC Marketing at Hebrew SeniorLife. She has been with HSL for 14 years, having previously served as the organization's Director of Corporate Communications. In her current role, she oversees the sale of independent living units at NewBridge on the Charles and Orchard Cove, as well as responsible for all marketing activities, member stewardship, community building and outreach to both communities. Prior to HSL, Ruth served as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham. Ruth holds a Bachelor's Degree in...

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