Hebrew SeniorLife created the word ReAge to reflect the breadth and depth of services we offer: providing world-class health care; building innovative senior communities; funding groundbreaking research; and teaching future generations of geriatricians.

ReAge, a combination of “redefine” and “aging,” means to question everything about the aging process. Through ReAging, we are challenging conventions in order to create and implement new standard-of-care approaches that will positively impact the lives of older adults.

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Personalized Senior Health Care at Hebrew SeniorLife

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personalized senior health care
personalized senior health care

Long-term care at Hebrew SeniorLife is designed to obtain the maximum level of care for each patient in a multidisciplinary setting. Our residents in long-term care work one-on-one with a multitude of specialists—doctors, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists and spiritual workers. Our continuum of care model ensures that the unique and fluctuating health needs of every individual are addressed through our care management plans.   

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President, Hebrew SeniorLife Health Care Services and Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

As a member of the Hebrew SeniorLife senior operations team, Mary Moscato will draw on her dynamic background in health care operations and management to lead the organization in its commitment to providing the highest quality care available to seniors in Greater Boston. In addition, she will help develop the organization’s strategic plans in further expansion of its health care services.

Ms. Moscato has nearly three decades of health care leadership and most recently served as president and CEO for Care Alternatives, a multi-state provider of community-based health care services. ...

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