Hebrew SeniorLife created the word ReAge to reflect the breadth and depth of services we offer: providing world-class health care; building innovative senior communities; funding groundbreaking research; and teaching future generations of geriatricians.

ReAge, a combination of “redefine” and “aging,” means to question everything about the aging process. Through ReAging, we are challenging conventions in order to create and implement new standard-of-care approaches that will positively impact the lives of older adults.

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Managing Senior Care Through Outpatient Therapy House Calls

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Outpatient Therapy House Calls
Outpatient Therapy House Calls

The Outpatient Therapies Department at Hebrew SeniorLife recently launched a new service we call Therapy House Calls (THC), which delivers outpatient therapy services to patients in their own homes.  Launching an innovative new service is exciting enough on its own, but what really has me and my team thrilled, is the opportunity we have discovered in HSL’s senior living communities to work collaboratively with specialists across disciplines to benefit our patients through a continuum of care. By doing so, I believe we are able to deliver the best care in the right place at the right time. Let me explain.

Unfortunately it is all too common for an older patient to be discharged home after an acute-care hospital stay with a referral for home health care, if needed, but little other support once the Home Health intervention ends. It is up to the patient, or a family member to figure out, and then coordinate, appropriate post-acute care.

Now imagine going home where your primary care provider is located right in your community, steps away from your home and has access to a coordinated network of social workers, home health and private care providers. Take it a step further, and my team can bring therapy in when the patient is no longer homebound, but could use additional therapy.

Experience has taught me that often making the transition between one care environment to another leaves older patients and their families feeling particularly vulnerable. By working cooperatively together with the patient’s best interest at heart, I believe a well-coordinated continuum of care network can help the ever-growing population of older adults live healthy and productive lives.

Breaking down boundaries between disciplines is key, and we are doing that one step at a time in Hebrew SeniorLife’s senior living communities, providing a model that represents the future of senior care focused on transforming the experience of aging.

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Director of Rehabilitation

Laurie Manjikian studied Occupational Therapy at the University of New Hampshire and Tufts University, and held several other positions, before beginning a fifteen year career in Rehabilitation Services at Hebrew SeniorLife. She currently serves as the Director of Rehabilitation for the organization, overseeing 130 employees providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and audiology services across three campuses. 

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