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Making Winter Fun for Seniors

Turn Winter Doldrums into Winter Fun
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As children, we often have fond memories of the winter months. Remember eagerly waiting for that first snow? How about enjoying sledding or joyfully making snow angels when it finally arrived? Or hoping for a storm big enough to close school? As adults and seniors, the once beloved winter often transforms into inconvenience and isolation.

It’s important, however, to stay active and engaged when the temperatures dip. There’s fun to be had, if you have the right attitude. Don’t hibernate, but instead, look for new ventures to engage your inner child.

Here are some ways how:

  • Get social media savvy: Perhaps your New Year’s resolution was to get more comfortable with technology. Schedule a time with a friend or family member to learn about the web and social media sites – good ways to feel connected and stay updated during those often isolating months. Libraries and community centers often offer computer courses for seniors too.
  • Get crafty: The winter months can create a great opportunity to tackle craft projects you’ve always wanted to try. Painting, scrapbooking and crocheting are all fun crafts for seniors. Social bookmarking site Pinterest has countless photos and ideas of crafts for seniors to get you inspired! Check out the craft board our very own Pinterest page for further inspiration.
  • Get moving: Rev up (or start) your fitness routine. Beat the winter doldrums with a new group exercise class. Work on stretching and relaxing through yoga or get energized through easy-to-follow dance moves in Zumba Gold, which is specifically designed for seniors.
  • Get busy: It can be tempting to hibernate, but make plans to visit family, friends or a senior center on a regular basis during the winter. Host a regular game night for friends. Scrabble, Pictionary and charades are all engaging games for seniors. Put social gatherings on the calendar, so there are specific things to look forward to during the winter season. 


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