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Long-Term Care Living

Observations from a Marketing Communications Professional
Long-Term Care Living

Between managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines, my job puts me in touch with a variety of people.  I love the opportunity to engage with everyone who comes into the organization I work to promote.  Every individual provides vital insight that helps me understand what our brand means to them.

One of the rewarding aspects of my job is making a connection with family members.  Often times, they will tell me what an improvement their loved one has made since moving into Hebrew Rehab.  More often than not, their remarks sound alike:  

“We’re able to resume our lives knowing Dad is in a safe place.  I can sleep at night.”

“We get to visit Dad (or Mom) and enjoy each other’s company.”

“We actually look forward to the visits.”

“He has friends and people who take good care of him.”

“She’s not alone or worried anymore.”

A long-term care facility offers a sense of community, comradeship and safety that is unparalleled in other living situations, proving it to be the right place for many seniors.

The residents confirm this. I get to know many of our residents personally, as I frequently see them in the hallways and sitting areas.  When I get my morning coffee I see groups of residents in the cafeteria. Often one of the residents will come over to say hello or we’ll exchange greetings and a handshake while they are on their way to activities or group programs. When I stop to ask one man how his day is going, he replies, “Fantastic.” 

Groups gather at meal times, for socialization, and just because they can.  Days are filled with activities, all the things they enjoy doing, with the people they enjoy seeing - just like my days.

I often ask the residents about their daughters and sons who visit on weekends or when the work day ends.  I’m not often here to see their interactions, even though we share the same beautiful surroundings.

I understand the trepidation many adult children and their parents feel when parents move out of the family home. To those sons and daughters I’d like to assure you with the following message:

Dear sons and daughters,

Your moms and dads are doing great. Their days are filled with friends. We have wonderful staff members and volunteers that are second to none.  They accompany your moms and dads to exercise programs, to the dental clinic and to other appointments.   Did your father tell you about the Drumming Circle he participated in?  Did mom share her newest painting with you?

Next time you visit, be sure to ask them about their weekday routines.  What exciting things will they tell you!  They may be routine, but they are filled with the things that your moms and dads enjoy.  It’s a privilege to share some of my day with your loved ones.

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As a member of the Hebrew SeniorLife marketing communications team, Bill Burgey is responsible for leading marketing initiatives for Hebrew Rehabilitation Center.  He takes great pride in working with staff at all levels of the organization to achieve desired results. 

He is responsible for the recent launch of Hebrew Rehabilitation Center’s long-term care lead generation campaign and works on projects to strengthen branding ties between HSL and its health care services.  Bill works with the marketing teams at Boston area hospitals to develop strategic communications plans around...

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