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How to Find the Right Senior Housing as a Family

Navigating Senior Living with Your Aging Parent
How to Find the Right Senior Housing as a Family

Moving to a senior community is often a family decision. And it's a win-win when the right one is made. For seniors, it's the opportunity to participate in a full, stimulating and engaged community...and for adult children, it's the peace of mind knowing that their parents are living life to the fullest. This blog post is part of our 2015 series about exploring housing options together as a family. For more information and resources on this topic we invite you to visit one of our sister sites, HSL Independent Living.

Now that holiday visits are over, children of aging parents may have observed or discussed that their parents’ current living arrangements are no longer ideal. The start of a new year is a timely opportunity for adult children to continue the conversation with their aging parents about independent living options including senior living communities. How can adult children help their parent(s) evaluate senior living communities and decide which one is the right choice for them? 

There are different types of senior living communities including continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), an unfamiliar term to some adult children. A CCRC is an organization that offers a full range of housing, residential services and health care in order to serve residents as they age. It’s an attractive option for seniors who want an active and flexible lifestyle with security and the availability of need-based care within one community. It is an equally attractive option for adult children who value that their parents’ requirements for care can be met as their needs change within the community and without further relocation.

So what’s your first step as an adult child? You may want to become an “expert” even before addressing the topic with your parent(s.) When you’re ready to talk, be open and honest. Let your parent(s) know you’re concerned about them and want to work with them in their search. Offer to help them do their homework and educate yourself in the process if you haven’t in advance. 

Our website www.hlsindependentliving.org is a resource for information and tools that help adult children of aging parents. A checklist is available on the site that will help guide your evaluation of senior communities when visiting, including six critical areas: 

  • Community Overview & Observations
  • Medical and Health Wellness & Support
  • Opportunities for Engagement
  • Apartment Size and Amenities
  • Security & Safety
  • Admission Process & Fees

Adult children play an important role in supporting their aging parents search for the best senior living community for them. You can help ensure that they make the right decision—for themselves and your entire family. 

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