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Healthy Travel Tips for Seniors

From the geriatricians at Hebrew SeniorLife
Healthy travel tips for active seniors from the geriatricians at Hebrew SeniorLife

Research indicates that travel is at the top of the list of activities that seniors and the aging baby boomer generation enjoy. And travel professionals report a rise in the number of tours designed for grandparents who want to spend time with their grandchildren — particularly during the holiday season. It’s true: today’s active seniors want to be part of the action and enjoy every moment of their next travel adventure.

The geriatric specialists at Hebrew SeniorLife want to make sure seniors enjoy their time visiting family, wherever it may be. They also know that there are some pitfalls to avoid.   

Ruth Kandel, M.D., geriatrician at Hebrew SeniorLife, reminds seniors about vaccinations. “Make sure your vaccinations are up to date. And schedule a visit with your geriatrician at least four weeks before you take off. That allows plenty of time to get the vaccinations that are required, especially if you are planning a trip to a remote destination.”    

She also advises seniors about the flu vaccine. “If it is flu season, be sure to get vaccinated before you travel. You want to do everything you can to make sure you enjoy your time away and not end up sick in bed, in a hotel room.” 

“And just as important,” says Fred Rowland, M.D., medical director of long-term care at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, “when traveling by plane, schedule walks up and down the aisle a few times to keep the circulation flowing.” Poor circulation when sitting for long periods can sometimes cause blood clots to form in the legs and feet. Air travel in particular can increase the risk of developing blood clots.

Your doctor may have other recommendations based on your personal health and medical condition. It’s always a good idea to make an appointment to see your physician before traveling. You want to make sure to refill any prescription medications so you do not run out while away. And don’t forget to pack your medications in your carry-on bag. While it’s a possibility you could arrive at your final destination without your favorite flannel robe, you want to do everything you can to make sure your medications arrive with you.

When planning your next trip, be sure to include all of the above suggestions to make sure you come home with happy memories. 

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