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Former National Football League Executive Details Stay at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Dedham

Photo credit: Toan Trinh for Boston Magazine

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center’s post acute care units serve patients recovering from a variety of health conditions. Many of the patients come directly from acute care hospitals throughout Greater Boston. 

Regardless of a patient’s medical condition, a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals provide individualized therapy, often consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. 

Former football executive and current talk show host and commentator Upton Bell found himself in our care at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Dedham (referred to  by Mr. Bell as NewBridge on the Charles) following a horrific car accident in January of 2015. In his essay, published in Boston Magazine this past fall, he shares with clarity and detail his stay at HRC’s post acute care unit. We have excerpted a portion of his narrative below.

NewBridge on the Charles is a combination of a rehab hospital and an incredible assisted-living facility. It was like entering the Emerald City after the tornado. There was a feeling of warmth and laughter, and I could sense my stay would be safe. Most important, I met some of the best human beings—nurses, doctors, and particularly aides. The characters were right out of a great novel.

Most memorable is Virgilio Agustin, who was educated in the Philippines. He was a man of a thousand places and a thousand jokes, none of which was particularly funny but all of which were punctuated by an infectious laugh I’ll never forget. He, along with many others at NewBridge, helped to ease my pain and prepare me for what would be my lifelong journey….

As my stay at NewBridge continued, JoAnne, along with the social worker there, Gina, became breakers of the Medicare code. Medicare was the constant foe. I was walking all through the corridors to keep some sort of exercise routine. Medicare’s stance was, If he can walk and talk, he’s out. However, part of my therapy was to learn how to eat all over again. We worked on this with a therapist, Caitlin, who taught me how to chew and swallow as if I were a child. Every other week I had to pass a test of whether I could swallow food without choking. A medical truck would arrive at NewBridge, and I was lifted in a wheelchair into the truck for the test.

We invite you to read Upton Bell’s story in its entirety at Boston Magazine. 

About Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Dedham
The Rehabilitative Services Unit at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Dedham is an ideal setting for patients recovering from a variety of medical and surgical conditions, including joint replacement and strokes. Exceptional care, delivered by Harvard Medical School-affiliated doctors, committed nurses and rehabilitation specialists is provided in a comfortable, home-like environment. Therapies, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology, are provided daily and are tailored to meet the patient’s individual needs. Dietitians, Palliative Care practitioners, Spiritual Care staff and Expressive Therapists round out the multi-disciplinary care team.
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