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Finding Social Outlets in Senior Living

The Orchard Cove Coffee Klatch
Finding Social Outlets in Senior Living

When new residents arrive at Orchard Cove, members of the Coffee Klatch typically appear at their doorstep as a welcome wagon into the community. The Coffee Klatch is known to residents of Orchard Cove as the place to meet new faces and make new friends. For club members, it’s more than just a cup of coffee and a chance to catch up. The club exemplifies the efforts of residents and staff to maintain a sense of community and makes Orchard Cove a welcoming place for all. Watch the video below to hear Orchard Cove residents describe their experiences as members of the Coffee Klatch. 

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Hebrew SeniorLife offers a variety of options for senior living in Massachusetts, open to residents of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures. At the heart of our philosophy is the fundamental belief that our senior living communities should be much more than just a place to live. Our senior residences foster a sense of home and community living, centered on promoting the ideals of wellness and active, energetic lifestyles. At our communities, we encourage independence and self-fulfillment. Our innovative programs are helping to shape the very meaning of retirement living.

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