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Celebration of Lifelong Love and Commitment for Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Patients

 Arkadiy and Roza Glinets with their son, Alexander

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center’s Bilingual Services Program for Russian-speaking seniors is well-known for providing a unique and vibrant community where residents receive culturally appropriate care and services tailored to their individual needs. Like all of HRC’s long-term chronic care floors, the overarching mission is to honor patient preferences while providing the best care possible. 

Seniors choose to spend their days participating in meaningful programs, including fitness and exercise, art, and music; engaging with friends, enjoying life and celebrating special moments.   

For husband and wife Arkadiy and Roza Glinets, September 20th 2016 was a special day and one they will never forget. On this day, the Glinets renewed their marriage vows in a traditional Jewish ceremony, something they were not allowed to do when they first wed in the former Soviet Union in 1955. 

In the weeks leading up to this special day, staff was busy helping the couple to prepare. They made lists and worked with the couple to make sure every item was taken care of. The evening before the ceremony, a resident assistant took Mr. Glinets’ dress shirt home to iron. This was truly a community coming together to make this a special day for the couple.

Oksana Chapman, a Russian-speaking chaplain at HRC, officiated at the traditional Jewish ceremony.

Patients at HRC since 2015, the couple was surrounded by family, fellow residents and staff. They were all witnesses to this wonderful celebration of life-long love and commitment. 

The couple’s son, Alexander, and staff members held the Huppah as the Glinets fulfilled their life-long dream. The entire community was on hand to celebrate.

Staff and residents danced as traditional Jewish music filled the corridors of the couple’s home. It was a dream come true. 

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