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Candidate Elizabeth Warren To Visit Orchard Cove

elizabeth warren

Why did Orchard Cove invite Massachusetts Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to meet with our community this Thursday, August 30?

We are a group of retired seniors who have a lively interest in the functioning of our government.  Because we want to be educated voters, we invited candidate Warren to share her views on many issues of great importance to the members of our community: maintaining a bipartisan balance of power in Washington, D.C; ending unrestricted campaign financing; tax fairness; consumer advocacy including student loans; a woman’s right to contraception as well as equal pay for equal work; and mortgage debt relief. 

Most importantly to us at Orchard Cove, she supported President Obama’s health care bill so millions of uninsured in our country will be eligible for medical insurance. 

We are eagerly awaiting our visit from Elizabeth Warren and many of us hope to learn how we can help her campaign.  She is one of many speakers who come to Orchard Cove and help make ours such a stimulating and enriching community.

For more information on the Warren campaign visit www.elizabethwarren.com.

As 501c(3) charitable organizations, Hebrew SeniorLife, inc. and its affiliates do not endorse or favor any particular political party, candidate or legislation. 

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Chair of the Orchard Cove Health Committee

Letty Zander, 95, has been a resident of Orchard Cove for 7 years.  A University of Chicago graduate and former psychiatric social worker, Letty continues to be politically active at Orchard Cove and is currently chair of the Orchard Cove Health Committee.

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