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HSL Communities’ Optimal Living Environment
Optimal Living Environment

Our residential communities at Hebrew SeniorLife are filled with people living diverse lifestyles who requiring varying levels of support in their lives. I frequently witness active, healthy seniors, who are busy with social engagements and enjoying new interests. They are often experiencing a more carefree lifestyle without the responsibilities of home ownership. I observe others who are benefitting more from the support of health and wellness programs, while managing chronic diseases with regular physician visits. Some face more serious medical issues, requiring round-the-clock care that they receive in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Whatever the circumstances, we see firsthand that the best senior living experiences occur when the quality of an individual's life is not defined solely by their functional ability, but by the environment that responds best to his or her needs and aspirations. This model of care, practiced at Hebrew SeniorLife, is described as providing an Optimal Living Environment (OLE).  Under the OLE model, we recognize that every person's optimal situation is unique to that individual at their particular stage of life. Hebrew SeniorLife's housing and care services reflect the best options possible to meet any given individual's goals for care and housing requirements at each stage.

Hebrew SeniorLife’s OLE approach perfectly complements our commitment to change the way we all view aging – a concept we refer to as ReAge. We believe that living well as a senior means focusing on what is possible, not on limitations. In order to maximize the independence of our residents, all HSL housing and care sites are designed to provide a community of support.  Residents are offered personalized care with a customized care management plan to fit the very specific needs of each patient. This includes appropriate medical and psychosocial care that encourages involvement from providers, residents and their families.

We strive each day to ensure we provide optimal living environments for seniors with diverse needs and goals. I invite and encourage families to learn more about our specific residential communities and health care options and how they can represent the right approaches at each stage of life.

More information on making the best senior living and health care choices for your loved ones.

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