Hebrew SeniorLife created the word ReAge to reflect the breadth and depth of services we offer: providing world-class health care; building innovative senior communities; funding groundbreaking research; and teaching future generations of geriatricians.

ReAge, a combination of “redefine” and “aging,” means to question everything about the aging process. Through ReAging, we are challenging conventions in order to create and implement new standard-of-care approaches that will positively impact the lives of older adults.

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ARTZ and Dementia: Innovation, Inclusion & Creative Expression Conference at Hebrew SeniorLife

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patient and nurse
patient and nurse

I find my work with older adults to be rewarding on so many levels. It is a privilege to be invited into an individual’s life and truly make a difference in how he or she experiences this important stage in the aging process. I  have worked in assisted living for more than 19 years and have experienced the power the arts has in giving a voice to seniors who struggle with cognitive decline. I’m thrilled to share an opportunity for professionals, to learn more about the role the arts can play in the lives of people living with dementia and to share their own stories.  We’ve designed an outstanding conference for eldercare professionals entitled: ARTZ and Dementia: Innovation, Inclusion & Creative Expression.

Co-produced with ARTZ, Artists for Alzheimer’s, this program will highlight best practices for creative arts programming in dementia care. The opportunity for creative expression through the arts provides people living with dementia an alternative means of communication in a strength-based, process-oriented model.  Nationally recognized speakers will facilitate experiential workshops on a variety of artistic modalities, including: movement, art, music and storytelling.  Dr. John Zeisel, President of Hearthstone, will deliver the keynote address: “The Arts, Advocacy and Mindfulness.” 

The conference will be held on Wednesday, October 3rd, from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM at NewBridge on the Charles, 5000 Great Meadow Road, Dedham.  Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

Application for 4 social work and nursing continuing education credits has been submitted.



Admissions Counselor and Marketing Manager for Assisted Living at NewBridge on the Charles

A licensed mental health counselor, Tara Fleming-Caruso has been helping elders and families explore assisted living and other senior care options for almost 20 years. As the admissions Counselor and Marketing Manager for Assisted Living at NewBridge on the Charles, Tara understands the myriad of concerns seniors and their adult children have about the aging process and navigating transitions. With a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapies, Tara’s expertise spans dementia care, program development, family mediation and caregiver support.

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