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January 2019

Sam and Janice

A Multigenerational Story

January 22, 2019

Sam and Janice - A Multigenerational Story

Hebrew SeniorLife’s Multigenerational Program represents an organizational commitment to bringing together youth and seniors to build mutually beneficial relationships at our nine campuses across Greater Boston. Through our 50+ partnerships with local schools, synagogues, and other community organizations, we provide the training and support to develop dynamic connections across generations and redefine the experience of aging.

Here is just one of the many stories about friendships forged through our programs.

Hebrew SeniorLife’s research division gets new name, new momentum

January 18, 2019

Hebrew SeniorLife’s research division gets new name, new momentum

In recognition of the generosity and dedication of Hinda and Arthur Marcus, HSL’s research division, formerly known as the Institute for Aging Research (IFAR), will now be called the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research.

Hinda’s investment in aging research began 40 years ago when Marcus Institute Director Dr. Lewis Lipsitz was caring for her late husband at Beth Israel Hospital. She began by funding a highly impactful cardiac research program and continued to deepen her involvement through the years.

“I am so moved by this gift. A career-long relationship with the Marcuses has resulted in a profound collaboration that will impact seniors around the world,” says Dr. Lipsitz.

Brightening Lives Through Multigenerational Programs

January 15, 2019

Each of Hebrew SeniorLife’s multigenerational programs serves as a key touchpoint for the broader community, engaging youth and their families in learning about the full spectrum of aging and developing relationships with our senior population. Participants in these group programs are often inspired to deepen their connections to the seniors they meet, well after the programs have concluded. One such example involves two families who participated in a guided music program for infants and HRC-Roslindale patients, overseen by HSL’s Adam and Matan Adelson Multigenerational Program.

Amid the flurry of the holidays, a group of community volunteers brought flowers and beams of sunshine to Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Roslindale.

Exploration of the Senses

Providing families tools for interactions with loved ones

January 9, 2019

Communication is a fundamental aspect of human relationships and the way we connect with others. All too often that communication breaks down as loved-ones age and develop disabilities. Although communication disorders affect people of all ages, the prevalence and complexity of these conditions increase with age and the onset of conditions that cause cognitive decline, including stroke and dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.

I recently spoke to Jana Galvin, Community Life Leader at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. She and her team of life-enhancement experts offer tools that stimulate the senses, which in turn, enhance communication and maintain, or strengthen ties with loved-ones. Here are their tips.


New Year. New Goals. Helping Seniors Stick to Them.

January 3, 2019

New Year. New Goals. Helping Seniors Stick to Them.

Every year, around January 1, most of us make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Seems like it’s human nature to be introspective at this time and take a look at what we’d like to improve. At Hebrew SeniorLife, our seniors have many New Year’s resolutions, including many that may be on your list.

At Jack Satter House, in Revere, the residents’ list of resolutions include:

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