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April 2013

Maintaining Cognitive Skills Later in Life

April 30, 2013

Maintaining Cognitive Skills

Use it or lose it. That’s the basic philosophy behind maintaining cognitive abilities later in life. For busy adults, this can be easy enough. Days are filled juggling work, appointments and household chores, providing plenty of stimulation to keep cognitive thinking skills sharp. I, however, often see seniors adjusting to a slower daily pace and it can take more effort to create opportunities to exercise these skills regularly. According to a major study completed by the Institute for Aging Research (IFAR) at Hebrew SeniorLife, it is worth that extra effort.

"Advanced Style" with Ari Seth Cohen

Building Confidence Through Personal Style

April 29, 2013

Advanced Style Ari Seth Cohen

Increasing the self esteem of older adults is an important part of Hebrew SeniorLife’s mission to transform the experience of aging.  We encourage all older adults to take care of their physical health, but also their mental health.  Dressing to feel good and look good can build confidence and have a decided impact on your mood and mindset every day.

Staying Boston Strong

Hebrew SeniorLife employee reacts to Boston Marathon events

April 25, 2013

Boston Strong

As part of the team that supports the Hebrew SeniorLife digital media, I am constantly on twitter. I am a member of the generation that has come to expect instant gratification and continuous information. I pass a gentleman every morning that goes to the front desk to buy his morning paper, and I wiz by on my iphone reading the latest tweets.

On Monday, April 15th, I glanced at twitter when I saw reports coming up about explosions at the Marathon. I broke the news to my office, “something bad is happening.” I said “you know how twitter is, but they say there have been explosions at the Boston Marathon.” From that point on I was glued to my computer screen relaying information to the team and following the updates.

How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

April 23, 2013

How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

We often hear about the importance of losing weight – and the struggles that come along with it. The truth, however, is that maintaining a healthy weight can be just as challenging. Once you reach an ideal weight, seniors should still evaluate food choices and commit to exercising regularly. It’s truly about embracing an overall healthy lifestyle.

This lifestyle is rewarded with significant health benefits including lowering your risk for certain conditions including diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

The Writer in You: Memoir Writing for Seniors

College of Retirement Living at Hebrew SeniorLife

April 22, 2013

Michelle Seaton

In our later decades, we reflect back on the journey of our lives and the experiences along the way that gave each of us our own unique humanity.    Many senior authors capture these amazing journeys, each one a historical record, a family story, and an autobiographical reflection of each individual’s life journey in their memoir writing.  It is for all of these reasons that senior memoirs are growing in popularity. 

Support Planning for Older People

You and Your Aging Parents

April 16, 2013

support planning

This blog is part of a year-long series aimed at addressing some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from family and adult children on the topics most concerning them regarding their aging parents or loved one. In 2012 Hebrew SeniorLife published the eBook "You & Your Aging Parent: A Family Approach to Lifelong Health, Wellness & Care," a compilation of answers from HSL geriatric experts in response to the many of the most frequently asked questions. We're reposting some of the most popular Q&A posts from our original eBook which was downloaded over 2,000 times. We're also adding new Q&As throughout the series that address topics not originally included in our eBook.

Health Goals for Older Adults

Embracing the Potential of Aging

April 11, 2013

Health Goals for Older Adults

I’m always impressed by seniors in our community and their commitment to healthy living. As Orchard Cove’s Vitalize360 coach, I regularly have the opportunity to help residents set and work on personal goals. It’s exciting to witness an 86-year-old woman recover from a hip fracture and commit to improve her physical fitness by taking on new activities such as swimming and Zumba. Sometimes, the goals are not related to fitness. I’ve watched watch a man revitalize his work as an artist at the age of 79 and discover new passions, such as singing in our choral group.

Grandparents and Grandchildren

Enjoy the Special Bond

April 9, 2013

Grandparents and Grandchildren

It’s always a pleasure to watch younger and older generations interact, especially when witnessing the special bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren. These relationships are mutually beneficial and can be strengthened by frequent, quality interactions and even long distance communications.

The Power of Expressive Therapies

Music to My Ears

April 4, 2013

Picture this – a husband and wife who can no longer communicate due to dementia begin individually swaying to music, unaware of each other’s presence. Within minutes, the gentleman is leading his wife in a dance and they joyfully move together in a sweet reunion of sorts. It’s a beautiful and true moment – one that captures the ability of expressive therapies to connect with our patients on levels not always possible.

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

You and Your Aging Parents

April 2, 2013

geriatric care

In the fall of 2012, Hebrew SeniorLife gathered together geriatric thought-leaders, researchers and physicians for our inaugural "You and Your Aging Parents" program, an important discussion about the steps one should take to help aging parents as they make decisions regarding health and well-being. Overwhelmingly positive response indicates the need for this information and Hebrew SeniorLife continues to offer this program. Check our events listing for upcoming events. 

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