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"Advanced Style" with Ari Seth Cohen

Building Confidence Through Personal Style
Advanced Style Ari Seth Cohen

Increasing the self esteem of older adults is an important part of Hebrew SeniorLife’s mission to transform the experience of aging.  We encourage all older adults to take care of their physical health, but also their mental health.  Dressing to feel good and look good can build confidence and have a decided impact on your mood and mindset every day.

Ari Seth Cohen is an author and photojournalist whose blog and book, both titled Advanced Style, have captured the imagination of people of all ages by featuring older adults who have continued to channel their personal style to look good and feel good.

“The ladies, and in some cases men, that I photograph challenge stereotypical views on age and aging.   They are youthful in mind and spirit and express creativity.  The soul of Advanced Style is not bound to age, or even to style, but to a celebration of life, says Cohen, who began his blog in 2008 with street photography in and around New York City. 

How does this translate into everyday life?  To begin with, it means to wear what you love and what makes you feel good, regardless of your age.  If you’ve never before thought of your dress as part of your self expression and creativity, start by thinking about the colors you wear, reach for that brightly patterned scarf or necktie, those special earrings or pocket square, the patterned tights or socks and the hat that frames your face so beautifully.  Wear it out even if you’re not headed to a special occasion, because dressing special will make you feel like each day is an occasion to celebrate. 

Ari sums it up by saying, “My photos offer proof that the secret to remaining vital in our later years is to never stop being curious, never stop creating, and never stop having fun.”

To see Ari’s blog go to www.advancestyle.blogspot.com  Then join us for Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style presentation as part of our upcoming College of Retirement Living on May 8 at 1:30 pm at Orchard Cove in Canton.  For more information and to purchase a ticket good for admission to Advanced Style and our other sessions, please call (781)234-9029 or link to www.hslindependentliving.com.  

©  Advanced Style 2013. Images reprinted with permission of Ari Seth Cohen. 

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I have been following Ari's work through Advanced Style for many months. This work is wonderful and he is focusing on an area that has been overlooked for too long. Many of the people he photographs are likely experiencing some degree of limited hand, shoulder and elbow function and it is possible that many of their friends have moderate to significant disabilities. With this is mind, you have to ask, 'Who is designing quality, stylish AND functional clothing for people of all ages, with disabilities?' There is a small group working to address this oversight in the Fashion/Garment Industry and I would be pleased to share this with anyone who is interested. Ruth
Hi Ruth, We agree, Ari does spectacular work. We really enjoyed having him at Orchard Cove yesterday. What an excellent point you bring up, the need for function and beauty is true not only of footwear, but in clothing, as well. Thanks for sharing your comment!

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