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ReAge and Health Care

October 9, 2012

ReAge healthcare

As part of Hebrew SeniorLife’s commitment to change the way we view aging (the concept of ReAge), we have focused a lot of attention on maximizing the independence of our patients. We do this by offering personalized care that tailors a care management plan to fit the very specific needs of each patient. In a word, we are reengineering health care.

At Hebrew SeniorLife, care is delivered through a multidisciplinary team approach led by specialists, nurses, physical therapists, psychiatrists and spiritual workers—who all work to create an environment for each patient centered on achieving a maximum level of care. Our care transition model—which leads the way to redefining the experience of aging—serves to provide patients with care at the “right place, right time.”

Hebrew SeniorLife Takes on Aging in America

See how we are redefining what it means to age

October 4, 2012


Today, our nation is entering uncharted territory. An unprecedented number of seniors will want, need, and deserve more services than are currently available. Coupled with the increased need for services are rising expectations that reflect a desire and determination to live senior years to their fullest. This new reality makes our commitment to seniors more relevant than ever. We are an organization uniquely qualified to transform the experience of aging in America.

In thinking about how to communicate this commitment, we realized there is no one word to describe everything that Hebrew SeniorLife has done, and continues to do, to redefine aging.

So we invented one—ReAge.

The Art of NewBridge on the Charles

October 2, 2012

art at newbridge

I’ve worked in the senior care field for almost 20 years.  I continue to be amazed by the role art can play in enhancing life for seniors. It’s fair to say that art is a part of life at Hebrew SeniorLife. And as an employee, I get to enjoy it as well! The story of art and seniors is especially apparent at NewBridge on the Charles.  The art on the walls, the art history lectures and trips to museums, the seasonal Photography Club exhibit, the NewBridge Art Show and a variety of art classes for members all represent the commitment of the organization to the important role that art plays in creating a vital community.

You & Your Aging Parents:

An Interview with College of Retirement Living Speaker Jane Gross

September 27, 2012

Jane Gross

Hebrew SeniorLife spoke with journalist and author Jane Gross on Tuesday, September 25 about her involvement in the upcoming College of Retirement Living event “You & Your Aging Parents: A Lifelong Approach to Health, Wellness & Care” and her own experiences with caring for her aging mother which she writes about in her book “The Bittersweet Season: Caring for Our Aging Parents and Ourselves”. She shared her thoughts with us on this topic below:

You can improve the lives of seniors today, and for generations to come.

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