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What is a Hospice Team?

Creating Community Within a Community

February 11, 2014

Rabbi Herman Blumberg and patient

The other day I sat in with a group of older adults who had recently moved into a senior housing complex.  They talked about the emotional dynamic of transitioning to a new living environment. They spoke of loneliness, fear of change, and sadness at the loss of their former homes.

What is Advanced Dementia?

February 6, 2014

What is Advanced Dementia?

What is “Advanced Dementia”?

Although there are different causes for dementia, all types of dementia get worse over time. Advanced dementia refers to the final stage of the disease. The final stage comes at different times for everyone. On average, patients reach the advanced stage of dementia anywhere from 3-6 years after they are first diagnosed. The length of time people live with the advanced stage is also different for everyone and can range from months to years.

What are typical features of a patient with advanced dementia?

Multigenerational Programs at Senior Communities: Talking with Lynda Bussgang

Get to Know The Hebrew SeniorLife Bloggers

February 4, 2014

Get to Know The Hebrew SeniorLife Bloggers

Lynda Bussgang is the Multigenerational Program Manager at Hebrew SeniorLife, responsible for overseeing and developing multigenerational programs for all of Hebrew Senior Life’s senior housing communities.

How did you get involved with Hebrew SeniorLife?

Fun Apps for Seniors

Programs & apps older adults will love to use

January 30, 2014

Fun Apps for Seniors

So, what’s a hashtag (#) and do apps grow on trees? The language of technology is taking over our world and it is growing increasingly difficult to keep up. “Selfie,” the act of taking photos of oneself to share on the Internet, is officially a new word in the dictionary. Learning new Internet lingo might not be worth all of the time and effort required, but many of the new apps (applications that are often free or inexpensively accessed on a Smartphone or tablet device) can, in fact, positively impact the lives of seniors. 

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